Open Education Lightning Talks: Recordings and Slides

Cable Green

lightning“lightning” by duane.schoon is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

In December, the CC Open Education Platform hosted a series of open education “lightning talks” (7 minutes + Q&A) in which open education practitioners discussed their work and answered questions with a global audience. We are grateful to all 24 speakers for sharing their open education work!

To maximize access, we recorded all of the talks with the permission of the speakers. Many of the speakers have also shared their slides and other resources. Enjoy!

8 December 2020

  • Sue Jones: Cognitively Accessible Math OER (Video / Slides)
  • David Wiley: Sustaining and Improving OER (Video / Slides)
  • Chris Morrison & Jane Secker: How openness helped us address the challenge of copyright and online teaching at a time of crisis (Video / Resource)
  • Nathan Smith: Starting a local consortium to increase collaboration around OER (Video / Slides / Resource)
  • Yasin Dahi: Learnful: An open platform for OER authoring and collaboration in Canada (Video / Slides)
  • Christer Gundersen: Crowdsourcing translation of early grade reading resources at scale (Video)
  • TJ Bliss: Open Education in Idaho Higher Education (Video / Slides)
  • Grif Peterson: Increasing equity with OER through learning circles (Video / Slides)

11 December 2020

  • Judith Sebesta: Texas Learn OER (Video / Slides / Resource)
  • André Rocha: Fabschools (Video / Slides)
  • Suma Parahakaran: Educating for Human Values and Ethics in Schools (Video / Slides)
  • Yogesh K S: Wikimedia and MediaWiki in Open Education (Video / Slides / Resource)
  • Stephen Downes: A Personal Learning Platform (Video)
  • Hugh McGuire: Where can I find Pressbooks books? Why, the Pressbooks Directory (Video / Slides / Resource)
  • Omshivaprakash: Digital archiving to build OER for local languages (Video / Slides)
  • Nate Angell: Open Learning Experience Bingo (Video / Slides / Blog)

17 December 2020

  • Roxanne Russell: Part you, part text, part machine, all learning (Video / Slides / Resource)
  • Fernando Daguanno: OER are not always textbooks (Video / Slides)
  • Meri McCoy-Thompson: We Are Resilient (Video / Slides)
  • Werner Westermann: Offline OER to mitigate learning loss (Video)
  • Sarah Hutton: Open from the Start: Strategies for Integrating OER and Open Pedagogical Practice Into First-Year and General Programs at UMass Amherst (Video / Slides)
  • Lance Eaton: The Public Dollar: Finding & Flipping the Value of the Commons (Video / Slides)
  • Rajeeb Dutta: Hello Santali (Video / Slides)
  • Dan McGuire: Geogebra + Illustrative Mathematics + your LMS = Great Teaching and Learning (Video / Slides / Resource)

If you like the video bumpers – you can download them here.