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Open Minds Podcast: Brigitte Vézina of Creative Commons

About CC

Hello Creative Commoners, we are back with another episode of Open Minds… from Creative Commons.

Brigitte Vézina

Brigitte Vézina (Photo by Victoria Heath, CC BY)

This month at Creative Commons, we are celebrating better sharing of Open Culture! In this episode, Brigitte Vézina, CC’s Director of Policy, Open Culture, and GLAM, shares everything you need to know about the Creative Commons Open Culture / Open GLAM program and the new and exciting opportunities we have in store. Since June 2021, thanks to a grant from the Arcadia Fund, CC has been developing our Open Culture / Open GLAM program to help transform institutions and support them as they embrace open culture and all the benefits it creates for themselves and their communities.

Brigitte is passionate about all things spanning culture, arts, handicraft, traditions, fashion and, of course, copyright law and policy. She gets a kick out of tackling the fuzzy legal and policy issues that stand in the way of access, use, re-use and remix of culture, information and knowledge. We discuss Brigitte’s path to Creative Commons, the role and importance of Open Culture / Open GLAM, the impacts of COVID-19 on the sector, the future of Open Culture and more.

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Posted 02 February 2022