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State of the Commons 2022

About CC
Detail of the cover of the Creative Commons State of the Commons 2022 in black text on a yellow background over details from three illustrations with text: THE MORE WE SHARE, OPEN IS BEAUTIFUL, and OPEN PALMS, NOT CLUTCHING FISTS. CC State of the Commons 2022 Cover Detail” © 2023 by Creative Commons is licensed via CC BY 4.0.

We are pleased to present the 2022 Creative Commons State of the Commons annual report. This report highlights key innovations, achievements, collaborations, conversations, and partnerships from CC and our global community over the past year. In 2022 we were incredibly proud to mark twenty years of CC licensing and all the groundbreaking collaboration it has…

Creative Commons Bootcamp for California Community Colleges

Open Education

Open Education Week offers a global festival of open education efforts. As we take stock of the offerings, it’s heartening to look at how individual efforts can feed into larger system’s change. In our Open Education Week 2023 blog post, we highlight community members’ approaches and tools, opening access to education and knowledge. Below, we…

CC Open Education Platform Lightning Talks February 2023: Recordings and Slides

Open Education

On 2 February 2023, the Creative Commons Open Education Platform community held Lightning Talks, where presenters shared innovative ideas and technologies in the field of Open Education. Each speaker brought unique expertise to the table, sparking conversations and inspiring new ideas. You can watch the replay below. The Lightning Talk Presenters: Reimagining Open Education as…

Training: Open Licenses for Artists, Musicians and Creators

Licenses & Tools
The tip of a ballpoint pen with a smear of bluish ink and a water drop reflecting/containing a pink flower blossom perched on the tip, highly magnified on a glowing pink background. Macrofotografia Drops & Flowers by Mario Jr. Nicorelli, slightly cropped, is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Curious about Creative Commons licenses? Join Creative Commons staff for an overview of the six CC licenses and two public domain tools. We will describe the CC license and tool elements, their legal, machine-readable, and human-readable layers, as well as show practical use cases for each of the licenses and tools. Participants will engage in…