The Platform Cooperatives Movement Helps Light up the Commons

The Creative Commons upcoming Global Summit is the first major opportunity to introduce our community to the newly-born Platform Cooperatives Consortium and to look for ways our two movements, which share many core values, can collaborate. We have just entered a time of potentially enormous social turmoil. Like the 1960’s, it could also set the … Read More “The Platform Cooperatives Movement Helps Light up the Commons”


CC 4.0 German now live!

At the end of an intense process of expert hearings, thesaurus
discussions, translation sprints, legal language comparisons and several
rounds of fine-tuning the texts, the unified German translation of CC
licenses version 4.0 is finally here.

State Department Publishes Open Licensing “Playbook” for Federal Agencies

Today the U.S. Department of State released the Federal Open Licensing Playbook, a list of considerations, use cases, and recommendations for federal departments interested in developing and implementing open license requirements on federally-funded grant projects. It is designed to assist federal efforts to maximize the impact of grant funds, and create opportunities for innovation and … Read More “State Department Publishes Open Licensing “Playbook” for Federal Agencies”

We are a community of creators

Our core of community is not a series of disparate projects, but instead a network of people driven by the desire to share their creativity with the world. What is creating in the 21st century? It’s remix, it’s reuse, and it’s collaboration, made possible by the dream of the global commons.