Tracey: Re-Fragmented

The Tracey Fragments, the latest film from Canadian director Bruce McDonald, follows the story of a 15-year-old girl (Ellen Page) who has “lost her little brother and sets out on a desperate journey to find him”. While the film itself looks absolutely phenomenal, Tracey: Re-Fragmented, the film’s online counterpart, is where the project really begins … Read More “Tracey: Re-Fragmented”

Help develop a course on Creative Business in the Digital Era

Announcement: The Open Rights Group, in collaboration with 01zero-one and funded by the London Development Agency, is beginning an exciting new research project, examining how the internet enables creative entrepreneurs to develop innovative business practices by being more open with their intellectual property. Creative Business in the Digital Era will examine new business models and … Read More “Help develop a course on Creative Business in the Digital Era”


RIP.MIX.BURN.BAM.PFA, an art exhibit that celebrates “the cultural and artistic practice of remix”, opens this Friday at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA). From BAM/PFA: RIP.MIX.BURN.BAM.PFA […] invit[es] guest artists to “rip, mix, and burn” elements from two digital-media works in the museum’s collection—Ken Goldberg’s Ouija 2000 and Valéry Grancher’s 24h00 (both … Read More “RIP.MIX.BURN.BAM.PFA”