Progress on LiveContent v1.0

We’ve been working hard on developing LiveContent, an umbrella concept that works to expand access to dynamic CC-licensed content and free open source software. The first incarnation of LiveContent is taking shape in the form of a LiveCD, and you can help! We have an ISO image of the most current revision available here. Download … Read More “Progress on LiveContent v1.0”

DIY Now!

Michael W. Dean and Chris Caulder have made their “guide to making a living making music out of your backpack, from anywhere, and everywhere” available as an ebook download licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike. Even better, they’ve put up all the book’s source files up for download and remixing. Via Boing Boing.

Community content and money

Evan Prodromou just published a great essay on paying wiki contributors. He says don’t, offering solid reasons and alternatives. One alternative that I won’t argue with (but probably one of the least interesting–read the essay for more): Donate. Set aside a good part of the profits from the site (if there are any…) to donations … Read More “Community content and money”