CC China Photo Contest

JUMP系列 Photographer:老0 Yesterday, I attended the Creative Commons China Photo Content ceremony at the National Library in Beijing. There were 10,000 submissions of professional and amateur works licensed under various CC licenses. There were three categories: Society, Nature and Portraits. Winners were chosen by a panel of judges including famous photographers, professors and other notable … Read More “CC China Photo Contest”


Rudy Rucker, one of the founders of cyberpunk, has released the electronic version of his latest novel, Postsingular, under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license. Via Boing Boing.


UPDATE: Jamglue has shut down – former users should see our music communities page for a list of additional communities working in a similar vein. Jamglue has been consistent blog-fuel for CC over the past couple months, combining some seriously cool remix contests with an exemplary online music collaboration platform. We recently caught up with … Read More “Jamglue”

Creative Commons releases viral fundraising widget and social networking campaign

Last year Creative Commons utilized an innovative fundraising model by using the video sharing platform Revver to disseminate the Creative Commons mission and to help raise funds for the Creative Commons’ second annual fundraising campaign. That experience demonstrated the strength of CC’s community and that viral fundraising is key to sustaining Creative Commons. This year … Read More “Creative Commons releases viral fundraising widget and social networking campaign”