Mozilla 24 – this weekend!

No matter where you are in the world, you should check out the Mozilla 24 Conference this weekend. This worldwide community event will begin at 8pm PDT. The conference will be physically held in Tokyo, Paris, Thailand, and the San Francisco Bay Area. However, you can tune in to watch via the broadband video WIDE … Read More “Mozilla 24 – this weekend!”

Your copyright metadata on a GRDDL

As of yesterday GRDDL, pronounced “griddle”, is a World Wide Web Consortium recommendation. GRDDL allows one to describe in a standard way how to map information between different XML formats. The acronym stands for “Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages”, which describes exactly what the standard facilitates. This is important to Creative Commons because … Read More “Your copyright metadata on a GRDDL”


Creative Commons is working with Helsinki Institute for Information Technology to create Finland jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses. CCi Finland List Project Lead: Herkko Hietanen, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology. License draft. English explanation of substantive legal changes. Post a message. Subscribe to the discussion. Read the discussion archives. More about the … Read More “Finland”

Science Fiction

A couple weeks old, but worth reading: Cory Doctorow excoriates Science Fiction Writers of America for issuing takedowns on his behalf, without his permission, against sites hosting his books, with permission (under CC licenses). Meanwhile, Cory blogs about another author’s science fantasy trilogy released under a CC license and is writing a column in Locus … Read More “Science Fiction”