Boing Boing tv

From Boing Boing, one of the most popular blogs on the planet, and the one that more often than not scoops us (we don’t mind) on cool new content released under CC licenses: Boing Boing tv. Apparently the lowercase “tv” is intentional, and yes, it’s licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial.

wikiHow Reaches 25,000 Articles

With the addition of “How to Make an Eiskaffee (Creamy Iced Coffee)” on September 21, the 25,000th article was added to wikiHow. wikiHow is a wiki whose community works to build and share the world’s largest, highest quality how-to manual. Articles include everything from everyday tasks such as maintaining a vacuum cleaner and tying a … Read More “wikiHow Reaches 25,000 Articles”

Firefox Knowledge Base

The Firefox Knowledge Base (also known as SUMO, or launched as alpha, with all content licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike. There are lots of really practical uses of this great content allowed under the license — for example, an IT department, school, or NGO creating training materials covering specific browser tasks. For example, the Knowledge … Read More “Firefox Knowledge Base”

Creative Commons Launches Third Annual Fundraising Campaign

Creative Commons Launches Third Annual Fundraising Campaign San Francisco, CA USA — October 1, 2007 Today, Creative Commons officially launched its third annual fundraising campaign. The past two fundraising campaigns generated vital financial support for Creative Commons. This year, the organization is asking its community for help in raising funds before January 1, 2008. “Our … Read More “Creative Commons Launches Third Annual Fundraising Campaign”

Creative Commons @ 5 years

Five years ago this December, we launched Creative Commons. At a party with music by DJ Spooky, and video endorsements by John Perry Barlow and (the late) Jack Valenti, we began to implement a gaggle of legal hacks to let the copyright system better reflect the views of many artists, authors, educators, and scientists. Some … Read More “Creative Commons @ 5 years”