OnClassical relaunches

Congratulations to the folks at OnClassical on the relaunch of their site. OnClassical is an indie classical music label that’s been distributing albums since 2003. Previews of all of the label’s music are offered under CC’s BY-NC-SA license. Check out OnClassical’s “What’s new?” page for details about the updates.

Ten Car Train: CC-licensed short story site

Ten Car Train is a new site featuring excellent short stories, commentary, and creative fiction published under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license. From the site’s quite-awesome mission statement: You should read these pieces in their entirety while at work or when someone is paying you to do something else.

Hong Kong

Prof. Yahong Li, Prof. Alice Lee, and Rebecca MacKinnon, Journalism and Media Studies Centre (University of Hong Kong)

CC citizen journalism site GroundReport re-launches; GroundReport TV launches officially

Check out the relaunch of citizen journalism portal GroundReport (previously discussed here), as well as the official launch of GroundReport TV (previously discussed here). GroundReport, which lets people publish news articles, photos, audio recordings, and videos uses Creative Commons licenses to expand the reach of its content. Sign up for an account and start submitting … Read More “CC citizen journalism site GroundReport re-launches; GroundReport TV launches officially”