Day 1

It has been 24 hours since the launch of the CCi Scholarship Funding Campaign and the response has been incredible. $6,366 has been raised so far thanks to you! At this rate we’ll finish the campaign 6 days before the 2 week time period ends. There are several different ways you can participate and support … Read More “Day 1”

World IP Day

World Intellectual Property Day is observed annually on April 26. “Encouraging Creativity” is the theme for 2007. For this day we’ve produced a flyer addressing how Creative Commons encourages creativity. You can download the PDF or read the text on our wiki. Here’s the closing paragaph: In sum, the Creative Commons toolset encourages and enables … Read More “World IP Day”

You on Make Internet TV

Make Internet TV, previously blogged here is now officially launched and has a call for videos: see the post Submission Requirements Short (1-4 minutes) Narrow Focus Directly Related to Creating Internet Video. Licensed as Creative Commons BY-SA High Quality Video (we prefer having a copy that is higher than 320 by 240 pixels) Make Sure … Read More “You on Make Internet TV”

DJ Vadim Contest Extended

The DJ Vadim remix contest currently under way at ccMixter ran afoul of server outages and other shenanigans yesterday so we decided to extend the deadline 48 hours to accommodate entries that could not access the site yesterday. The new deadline is 9 PM PDT Saturday April 21 (4 AM GMT Sunday April 22). The … Read More “DJ Vadim Contest Extended”