Day 8: CC Argentina

So far we’ve profiled Creative Commons international volunteers in Hungary, Taiwan, Chile, France, Catalonia, Spain, Malaysia and Peru. Today we’ll stay in South America with Creative Commons Argentina. Please donate in support of scholarships for our international project volunteers. Read letters from Lawrence Lessig explaining the campaign and an exciting new opportunity. After the launch … Read More “Day 8: CC Argentina”

Day 7: CC Peru

This marks the seventh day since the launch of the CCi Affiliate Scholarship Campaign. It has been an active week and we cannot thank you enough for your support. There are 6 days left to help meet the $100,000 challenge that we announced on May 2nd. In terms of raising the initial $50,000 for the … Read More “Day 7: CC Peru”

Creative Commons for Newspapers, Scientists, Film students and Wikipedia SEOers(!?)

Four articles turned up yesterday all advocating use of different Creative Commons licenses in different contexts, nicely demonstrating the not-really-niche-anymore scope covered by Creative Commons. Newspapers: In GateHouse’s case, they’ve reserved the right to commercialize, the right to preserve the content’s integrity, and the right of attribution. [Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs] It’s all “part of being a good … Read More “Creative Commons for Newspapers, Scientists, Film students and Wikipedia SEOers(!?)”

Day 6: CC Malaysia

The past 24hrs have been very active for the CCi Scholarship Campaign! I cannot stress how important participating in this campaign is and the opportunity at stake. A $100,000 matching challenge does not present itself very often so it’s critical that we meet this goal. We appreciate your support so much and hope that you … Read More “Day 6: CC Malaysia”

Wikitravel Wins Webby Award

Last summer, we featured Wikitravel as one of our Featured Commoners. Today, Wikitravel won a Webby Award for their free, up-to-date, complete world travel on-line wiki. Wikitravel is licensed under the Creative Commons 1.0 Attribution, Share Alike license. Way to go Evan and Maj!