Upcoming Launch Dates

Upcoming Launch Dates Chile 3.0 Upgrade: Fall 2010 Egypt: Fall 2010 Armenia: Winter 2010 Azerbaijan: Winter 2010 Georgia: Winter 2010 Jordan: Winter 2010 Ireland: Winter 2010

To build upon

When we launched version 3.0 of the CC licenses February 23 we also switched on a number of graphical, language, and technical updates. This is the first of a very tardy series of posts about those updates. Creative Commons license deeds are the “human readable” explanation of the “lawyer readable” licenses (e.g., see the Attribution-ShareAlike … Read More “To build upon”

Work@CC: web developer/sysadmin

Creative Commons is hiring a web developer/sysadmin (let’s call it a web engineer) for its San Francisco office. The technical requirements are broad but not deep — the ideal candidate would have the ability to learn quickly and willingness to tackle any technical task with gusto — from IT drudgework to developing cool web apps. … Read More “Work@CC: web developer/sysadmin”

Videoblogging Week Report: Video Bumpers for Your CC Licensed Content

As mentioned before, Jay Dedman invited myself and Colette Vogel to speak about Creative Commons Licensing and the Podcasting Legal Guide as the kick-off event to this week, the annual international Videoblogging Week. Both Colette and I led a discussion with many popular videobloggers outside in a nice sunny park in mission bay in SF. … Read More “Videoblogging Week Report: Video Bumpers for Your CC Licensed Content”

ccSearch updated

As part of an ongoing overhaul of sites Alex Roberts has given a very attractive new look. Keep an eye out for new CC-enabled search services. If you aspire to be one, check out ccSearch integration on our wiki.

Your open source toolset

Last fall we mentioned a great post by Wikipedia leader (and now CC board member) Jimmy Wales on why free knowledge requires free software and free file formats. Now Wikipedian Erik Möller weighs in with a practical post on Wikimedia’s open source toolset, which may be seen as a paean to open source media creation … Read More “Your open source toolset”

The sharing economy in Japanese

CC chairperson Joi Ito writes: Impress, a Japanese publisher, just released a Mook (magazine/book) called The Future of Web 2.0 – The Sharing Economy based on presentations at the Digital Garage New Context Conference last year in Tokyo. The book is in Japanese. There are excerpts from presentations by Mitchell Baker, John Buckman, Tantek Çelik, … Read More “The sharing economy in Japanese”