Community content and money

Evan Prodromou just published a great essay on paying wiki contributors. He says don’t, offering solid reasons and alternatives. One alternative that I won’t argue with (but probably one of the least interesting–read the essay for more): Donate. Set aside a good part of the profits from the site (if there are any…) to donations … Read More “Community content and money”

Jamendo attracts VC funding

Congratulations yet again to Jamendo, though this time not for adding CC licensed music and features, but for raising money to do even more: Jamendo allows users to listen and download for free more than 40.000 DRM-less music tracks under Creative Commons license. So far, 3 million albums have been legally downloaded from the Jamendo … Read More “Jamendo attracts VC funding”

Video from the CC Salon London

A little over two weeks ago, the very first CC Salon London took place with great success. A slew on interesting presentations and good times filled the night with a last-minute presentation of Where Are The Joneses? capping things off nicely. For those not in the London area, you can read about the night’s festivities … Read More “Video from the CC Salon London”

Music search, a cool web app for everyone

The OWL Music Search presentation at last week’s CC Salon San Francisco has been written up by CNET’s Webware, “cool web apps for everyone.” You can use OWL via CC Search or directly. Mark your calendar for the next CC Salon SF: August 8.

CC Salon SF Tonight: Live365, Jumpcut, OWL Music, and Powerpoint Karaoke!

Don’t forget that tonight we are back at (1337 Mission St. in San Francisco) for this month’s Creative Commons Salon! We are pleased to announce that Live365, an internet radio network where members can create their own online radio stations, will be joining us as presenters. They will be discussing netradio’s effects on independent … Read More “CC Salon SF Tonight: Live365, Jumpcut, OWL Music, and Powerpoint Karaoke!”