Seeds of Change

I received a fat packet in mail, full of seeds with unusual names—Magma Mustard; Flashy Lightning Lettuce; Lemon Pastel Calendula; Cherry Vanilla Quinoa—and an even more unusual but evocative note stuck on the packets. This Open Source Seed pledge is intended to ensure your freedom to use the seed contained herein in any way you … Read More “Seeds of Change”

Launch of the Open Policy Network

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Open Policy Network. The Open Policy Network, or OPN for short, is a coalition of organizations and individuals working to support the creation, adoption, and implementation of policies that require that publicly funded resources are openly licensed resources. The website of the Open Policy Network is … Read More “Launch of the Open Policy Network”

Creative Commons Names Ryan Merkley as Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Merkley / Rannie Turingan / CC0 Download the press release (67 KB PDF) Mountain View, CA May 14, 2014: The board of directors of Creative Commons is pleased to announce the appointment of Ryan Merkley to the position of chief executive officer. Ryan is an accomplished strategist, campaigner, and communicator in the nonprofit, technology, … Read More “Creative Commons Names Ryan Merkley as Chief Executive Officer”