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““Creative Commons, azienda per facilitare il copyleft”,” in Italian

“Creative Commons, la nuova valenza free di Internet,” in Italian, by Paolo Marasca

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“Giving License to Creativity: Creative Commons“


“Naturschutzgebiete für geistiges Eigentum — Creative Commons beginnt mit der Arbeit,” by Janko Rottgers

“Owners Get a Safe Place to Shed Their Copyrights,” by Brenda Sandburg

Creative Commons Announced

May 16, 2002 SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA – Representatives from the new nonprofit Creative Commons ( today outlined the company’s plans to help lower the legal barriers to creativity through an innovative coupling of law and technology. The Creative Commons will provide a free set of tools to enable creators to share aspects of their copyrighted … Read More “Creative Commons Announced”

Creative Commons Announced

Chairman Lawrence Lessig, Executive Director Molly Van Houweling, and Technical Architect Lisa Rein announce the Creative Commons project and seek feedback at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. Read the press release.