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Using CC Licenses and Tools to Share and Preserve Cultural Heritage in the Face of Climate Change

Licenses & Tools, Open Culture
The Sultan Ahmed Mosque "Sultan Ahmed Mosque" by Konevi (CC0) via Pexels

On the occasion of both Earth Day and World Intellectual Property Day, which this year centers on the theme of Innovation for a Green Future, we’d like to underline the importance of cultural heritage preservation as a response to the threats posed by climate change. In this post, we’ll also share some insights on how…

Why Sharing Academic Publications Under “No Derivatives” Licenses is Misguided

Licenses & Tools, Open Education
No Derivatives Feature

The benefits of open access (OA) are undeniable and increasingly evident across all academic disciplines and scientific research: making academic publications1 freely and openly accessible and reusable provides broad visibility for authors, a better return on investment for funders, and greater access to knowledge for other researchers and the general public. And yet, despite OA’s obvious…

Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Updated Creative Commons License Chooser

Licenses & Tools
A screenshot of the revamped CC License Chooser.

This is part of a series of posts introducing the projects built by open source contributors mentored by Creative Commons during Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2019. Ari Madian was one of those contributors and we are grateful for his work on this project. The Creative Commons (CC) License Chooser was made nearly 15 years ago and…

Thoughts on “Non-Amicable” Enforcement of CC Licenses

Licenses & Tools

Broken Hill Wall Mural-07= by Sheba_Also 43,000 photos is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 This post was co-authored by Diane Peters (CC’s General Counsel) and Alexis Muscat (CC’s 2019 legal intern) For the past year or so, CC has been tracking and thinking about strict, less than-amicable enforcement activities involving CC licenses. These activities present…

Reproductions of Public Domain Works Should Remain in the Public Domain

Copyright, Licenses & Tools, Open Access
Bust of Nefertiti

It has come to the attention of Creative Commons that there is an increased use of CC licenses by cultural heritage institutions on photographic reproductions and 3D scans of objects such as sculptures, busts, engravings, and inscriptions, among others, that are indisputably in the public domain worldwide. A recent example is the 3000-year-old Nefertiti bust…