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Meet the Judges #CCSharesCulture: Tyler Green

Open Culture

Creative Commons’ Open Culture Remix Art Contest #CCSharesCulture is open until 30 April 2022. So there’s still plenty of time to remix existing art and turn it into something fresh and exciting under the theme “Love Culture? Share Culture!” In the run up to the submission deadline, we are introducing our panel of experts, who…

CC Community Spotlight Series: Meet Tyler Green

About CC

This #GivingTuesday — Tuesday, November 30th, Creative Commons invites you to join our 20th Anniversary celebration. In the weeks leading up to #GivingTuesday, we’ll be spotlighting leaders in the Open Movement and encouraging you to support our Better Sharing, Brighter Future campaign. We’ve set a goal to raise $100,000 before the end of this year.  The great news is that every…

Open Minds Podcast: Tyler Green of The Modern Art Notes Podcast

About CC
Cartoonish illustration of a human hand holding a torch with a lightbulb radiating yellow light next to the words Open Minds above a #20CC icon and Creative Commons wordmark, all on a faded purplish-blue sky with white clouds.

Hi Creative Commoners! We’re back with a new episode of CC’s podcast, Open Minds … from Creative Commons. In this episode, CC’s Ony Anukem sits down for a conversation with award-winning author, historian and art critic, Tyler Green. Tyler is also the producer/host of The Modern Art Notes podcast, described by The Washington Post as…

Thank You for Participating in Open Sharing Is Caring!

Open Culture
"St. Valentine's Day - The Old Story in All Lands (1868)" by Harper & Bros. Cooper Hewitt (CC0)

February is usually the time to share virtual hugs, chocolates, and witty cards with family and friends for Valentine’s Day ❤️. (Or “Friend’s Day” in Finland!) This past Valentine’s Day, we wanted you to share something a little different: your creative work.  In our Open Sharing is Caring challenge, we asked you to openly share…

Still Life: Art That Brings Comfort in Uncertain Times

Open Culture

There is a quiet, familiar beauty found in still life, a type of art that depicts primarily inanimate objects, like animals, food, or flowers. These comforting images offer a sense of certainty and simplicity in uncertain and complex times. This could explain why over six million Instagram users have fallen in love with still life…