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Open Sharing Is Caring: A Valentine’s Day Challenge

Open Culture
"St. Valentine's Day - The Old Story in All Lands (1868)" by Harper & Bros. Cooper Hewitt (CC0)

February is the time to share virtual hugs, chocolates, and witty cards with family and friends for Valentine’s Day ♥️ (or “Friend’s Day” in Finland!)  This Valentine’s Day, we want you to share something a little different: your creative work.  In our Open Sharing is Caring challenge, we’re asking you to openly share an image, song, artwork, research paper, poem, GIF…whatever it…

Your Chance to Perform for the CC Global Summit!

Events, Open Culture
CC Global Summit logo with two icons

The wrap-up party for the annual CC Global Summit is always incredible, featuring local artists and musicians who send us off in style. Of course, things are a little different this year as we’ve transformed our in-person event to an entirely virtual one—but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to party together like…

Paris Musées Releases 100,000+ Works Into the Public Domain

Open Culture
Portrait de l'écrivaine libertaire et féministe Caroline Rémy dite Séverine (1855-1929), sur son balcon. A portrait of Caroline Rémy (1855-1929), a French feminist journalist. Photo by Paul Cardon.

The Paris Musées’ recently released more than 100,000 works under Creative Commons Zero (CCØ), putting the works into the public domain. They also released their collections’ Application Programming Interface (API), allowing users to “recover, in high definition, several royalty-free images and their records from cross-searches on the works.” Users can scroll through the collection via…

The case of the witch and her cat: crowdfunding free culture


The guest post below was written by Erik Moeller from Passionate Voices, in support of our campaign “Made with Creative Commons: A book on open business models” which will present in-depth profiles of Creative Commons use. The dragoncow is chewing on an uprooted tree, its bulging eyes staring vacantly into the distance as the orange cat…