Math instructor releases 2,600 videos under Creative Commons Attribution

Jane Park

Arizona Phoenix College math instructor James Sousa has been teaching math for 15 years at both the community college and K-12 levels. Over the years, he has developed more than 2,600 video tutorials on topics from arithmetic to calculus, and made these videos available on YouTube, originally under a CC BY-NC-SA license. His website and videos, entitled, Mathispower4u, feature both math lessons and examples, and many of the videos have been incorporated into online homework questions available at

Recently, James decided to change the license on his videos from CC BY-NC-SA to CC BY, or Creative Commons Attribution. He writes,

“Originally, the videos were licensed CC BY-NC-SA. However, the reason for creating these videos was to help students be more successful in mathematics. To increase student access and more easily share this resource with others, I decided to make the videos more open and change the license to CC BY. I hope the videos will provide a quality math tutorial resource to many.”

Mathispower4u videos may be accessed in several ways, including through James’ website, blog, YouTube account, and Phoenix College’s video database. Thanks to James for his great contribution to open education and the field of mathematics!

5 thoughts on “Math instructor releases 2,600 videos under Creative Commons Attribution”

  1. This is very impressive and no.
    teworthy. It sends a good example and is very useful for many persons as well as advancing individualized education. Many thanks to the persons responsible

  2. I too agree that the work done by James Sousa is exemplary. My question has to do with how such an undertaking is funded; that is how is the monitary basis for research, development, posting, maintainance, and etc.

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