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CC Brazil: The Movie

Earlier this spring, Creative Commons staff went down to Brazil to oversee the launch of one of the first country-specific licenses. There was a big event attended by Gilberto Gil, the Minister of Culture for Brazil, and a film crew followed everyone around for a couple days. The result is a nice little 11 minute … Read More “CC Brazil: The Movie”

Attention Networks: you can use free video, too

George Hotelling has a good idea for those network news shows covering the big Google/University public domain scanning story: there is a great video clip of the Internet Archive’s sophisticated scanning equipment available for public domain use right here, and anyone can use it.

Mashup how-to

Making music mash-ups (combining two songs, layered one over the other) is relatively easy for those in the know when compared with recording your own tracks, but it’s not always easy to pick up an audio application and understand the ins and outs of it. While some have called for tutorials to help music fans … Read More “Mashup how-to”

NGO photos

NGO Photos is a great new resource site (in Finnish) acting as a large free photograph repository for NGOs. Ramin Miraftabi, the person behind NGO Photos, explains the site here (in English) and why he set it up.


I just stumbled upon a great little site for electronic musician 31d1. There are beat loops, mixes, and even great little videos, all under a Creative Commons license. The video “gloucester” was my favorite, with public-domain looking video of a fly doing its thing.

Wired CD tracks online, and CC Mixter, our new remix community site, launched

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve uploaded all the WIRED CD tracks to the Internet Archive in lossless formats. We’ve linked the MP3s on the WIRED page as well. Another big announcement is our new music remix community site, which we’re calling CC Mixter. It’s a way to upload songs, loops, and acapella tracks to … Read More “Wired CD tracks online, and CC Mixter, our new remix community site, launched”