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View source added to Flash

Earlier this week at the Flash Forward conference (centered around Macromedia’s Flash product), Creative Commons Chariman and CEO Lawrence Lessig gave a talk about bringing a culture of sharing to the Flash community like the one that exists for HTML. Every web browser can view source of any HTML document, and millions of online publishers … Read More “View source added to Flash”

Nice uses of CC

A couple quick things: I thought it was cool that blogging software company Six Apart republished an essay by Adaptive Path on the failings of Content Management Systems, all about software of the type Six Apart develops. It’s all in accordance with Adaptive Path‘s license, which allows commercial redistribution. Another cool thing was seeing Blogcritics.org … Read More “Nice uses of CC”

Using Creative Commons in the Real World

Magnatune founder John Buckman has posted an interview he did with Five Eight Magazine, about the use of Creative Commons licenses in Magnatunes song catalog. He covers the whys and hows of licensing, and how it helped at Magnatune.

Our Media launched

Our Media is an ambitious new project to host and curate Creative Commons licensed works that others can view, comment on, rate, and download. In conjunction with the Internet Archive, Our Media is offering free hosting for anyone that would like to upload their works. Our Media also uses a custom version of our CC … Read More “Our Media launched”

A short short story

Scott Esposito noticed a short story, within a book of poetry, all on the copyright page of the book. An amusing tale of the entire history of a poem collection.

Building a low-cost studio

Engadget has a great tutorial about how to build a low-cost music and vocal recording studio using a new Apple mini, a few audio components, and some instruments. They include some step-by-step help working with Garageband as well. If you’ve been recording music at home with poor results or wanted a way to create your … Read More “Building a low-cost studio”