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CC at O'Reilly Etech

Creative Commons will be an exhibitor at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego next week. Etech is regarded by many as the best tech conference of the year, always in step with the latest creations and aspirations of the alpha geeks, having evolved from the Peer-to-Peer Conference in early 2001 and P2P & … Read More “CC at O'Reilly Etech”

Spontaneous Remix Culture — Yeagh!

Take an entertaining and compelling soundbite, easy to use digital audio tools, and cheap bandwidth, what do you get? Spontaneous remix culture. DeanGoesNuts.com has in a few days collected dozens of remixes of Howard Dean’s 2004 Iowa Caucus concession speech culminating in the infamous “yeagh!” utterance. While the curator (a Dean supporter) has licensed the … Read More “Spontaneous Remix Culture — Yeagh!”

Creative Commons week on Eyebeam forum continues

Remember that this is Eyebeam week at Creative Commons. Eyebeam is the cutting-edge New York gallery hosting the Distributed Creativity email forum on intellectual property and art this month and next. Creative Commons is moderating the discussion this week. Join up if you haven’t already and spill your thoughts.

Technology! Can you code?

No, not another contest — see Can you remix? (results soon) and GET CREATIVE! (you still have time) — but artists can’t have all the fun. If you can code, we want you to check out our technology challenges section. GUI developer to Semantic Web pioneer, we have a task for you — help build … Read More “Technology! Can you code?”