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AGNULA Music Libre

AGNULA Music Libre, a new database of libre music (which includes music licensed under the CC Attribution and Attribution-ShareAlike licenses), launched last month. The site has adopted CC’s license embedding strategy, publishing RDF backing license claims made in MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files.

Magnatune on iRATE radio

iRATE radio has placed 3,000 CC-licensed tracks from the non-evil Magnatune label into “rotation.” iRATE is a collaborative filtering system for music. The first song new users have the opportunity to rate is Monsters from Magnatune artist Beth Quist. A future iRATE skin will include CC license indicators in the main display. Here’s a sneak … Read More “Magnatune on iRATE radio”

Short Notice Music Metadata Summit

We’re hosting a very short notice music metadata summit tomorrow 3-6PM (Pacific) on the Stanford campus and online (IRC). We hope to come to decisions on several concrete issues, including metadata for tipjars, license buyouts, purchasing, and “remix ready” content as well as discuss how various music metadata-related projects can better collaborate and encourage adoption … Read More “Short Notice Music Metadata Summit”

Nature Open Access Debate

Nature is hosting a debate on open access science publishing. At the center of the debate are Public Library of Science and BioMed Central, two open access journal publishers using the Creative Commons Attribution License. The PLoS evidence paper presents a good summary of what is wrong with the current scholarly publishing model, why open … Read More “Nature Open Access Debate”

Creative Commons at DSpace

Ben Adida, one of our technical advisors, will be talking about Creative Commons at the DSpace User Meeting on Thursday morning at MIT. He will demonstrate the integration of the CC license selection process into the DSpace application. Thanks to the CC License Engine, this development work can be done in a few hours, providing … Read More “Creative Commons at DSpace”

CC-enhanced search engine

Today we announce a search engine prototype exclusively for finding Creative Commons licensed and public domain works on the web. Indexing only pages with valid Creative Commons metadata allows the search engine to display a visual indicator of the conditions under which works may be used as well as offer the option to limit results … Read More “CC-enhanced search engine”

Get creative and remix culture

The source materials for both “Get Creative” and “Remix Culture” are now available. Download the .fla file for either and you can get creative and remix “Get Creative” or “Remix Culture” with ease. Quicktime versions of both movies are also now available. Now it’s easier than ever to download, display and share “Get Creative” and … Read More “Get creative and remix culture”

mozCC Gets Better and Gets Noticed

mozCC, an extension for Mozilla-based browsers that exposes Creative Commons license metadata as you surf, got noticed by Slashdot last weekend. The resulting surge of new users brought new bug reports, fixes for which creator Nathan Yergler has already incorporated in mozCC 0.7.7 along with new features. The new version looks for license metadata in … Read More “mozCC Gets Better and Gets Noticed”