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Semantic Dogfood

Since the beginning we’ve provided our licenses for three separate, distinct audiences: humans, lawyers and machines. The machine audience has been served by metadata versions of the licenses. This metadata is encoded with the HTML you get from the license chooser, as well as for each individual license. For example, you can find the metadata … Read More “Semantic Dogfood”

Help Translate CC Software

As one of the staff members who helps answer general inquiries, I see quite a few messages that go something like, “Hey, I want to translate the license engine and deeds into my language! How do I do that?” Up until recently, we haven’t had a very good answer. Translations were handled by our international … Read More “Help Translate CC Software”

OpenOffice.org Addin Updated

The response to the release of our OpenOffice.org Addin last week was great. We had several bug reports, and lots of constructive feedback. I’ve just released an update, version 0.6.1 (download, changes). This version fixes a couple of bugs which caused OpenOffice.org to crash, as well as storing the license metadata in a more logical … Read More “OpenOffice.org Addin Updated”

Creative Commons Releases Add-in Support for OpenOffice.org

San Francisco, CA — November 14, 2007 Today Creative Commons released an Add-in for OpenOffice.org which allows users to select and embed a Creative Commons license in documents. Based on work completed as part of the Google Summer of Code by Cassio Melo, the add-in supports Writer (word processing documents), Calc (spreadsheets) and Impress (presentations). … Read More “Creative Commons Releases Add-in Support for OpenOffice.org”

MozCC ♥ Songbird

I’m a bit late, so not-quite-in-time for Valentine’s Day, I’m happy to announce a proverbial match made in heaven: MozCC and Songbird. You might recall Songbird, the previously mentioned wicked-cool music player built on Mozilla. They’re busy readying their next milestone release, 0.2.5. In anticipation of that release, I’ve just shipped MozCC 2.4.2. MozCC … Read More “MozCC ♥ Songbird”