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Reminder: December Technology Summit Registration – Now with Student Rates

Just a quick reminder that registration is still open for the December Technology Summit taking place in Cambridge, MA.  The program looks like a great set of presentations about technology that touches CC: RDFa, digital copyright registries, embedded metadata and more. Registration is available online and we’ve added student rates at about half the normal … Read More “Reminder: December Technology Summit Registration – Now with Student Rates”

CC Network and Interoperable Copyright Registry Exploration

Yesterday we launched The Creative Commons Network as part of our annual campaign. On the surface the CC Network is simple: it acts as a premium for supporting Creative Commons and gives supporters a way to tell the world that they support CC and Free Culture. But it’s also designed as a platform for exploring digital … Read More “CC Network and Interoperable Copyright Registry Exploration”

Creative Commons at LinuxWorld this week

If you’re in the Bay Area for the Linux World Expo, stop by the Exhibit Hall today through Thursday and say “hi”. If you’d like to support CC, we’ll have t-shirts for people donating more than $10. We’ll also be giving away stickers and other random CC paraphernalia. Hope to see you there!

Creative Commons presents ccREL at Semantic Technology 2008

Ben Adida and myself are attending the Semantic Technology 2008 conference today where we presented on ccREL, the Creative Commons Rights Expression Language (slides). ccREL provides a framework for describing licenses and how they relate to creative works. In addition to the conceptual framework for describing licenses, ccREL also provides concrete recommendations for marking works … Read More “Creative Commons presents ccREL at Semantic Technology 2008”

Welcome 2008 Summer of Coders

The call for submissions for Google Summer of Code 2008 has closed and I’m happy to announce that four students will be working on projects for Creative Commons this summer. In no particular order, they are: CC Logger (statistical log analysis), by Ankit Guglani, mentored by Asheesh Laroia RDFa Support for Semantic MediaWiki, by David … Read More “Welcome 2008 Summer of Coders”

Custom CC Search

Google has supported searching for Creative Commons licensed content through the usage rights portion of the advanced search interface for some time. Last week they took the next logical step by announcing on the Custom Search blog that you can now use the indexed license information to filter results in your own custom search engine. … Read More “Custom CC Search”