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FRANCOCAR: An Awesome Fund Project in West Africa


The Creative Commons Awesome Fund, a series of mini-grants intended to support our global communities, supported FRANCOCAR this year. FRANCOCAR is a range of events and activities in West Africa (Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Senegal) to promote open source software, digitization, and Creative Commons licenses. Follow #francocar if you want to stay in…

Open Education and Open Government in Chile


Presentation of Chile’s updated Open Government Action Plan by Werner Westermann, CC BY. Werner Westermann is a fellow from our first Institute for Open Leadership, held in San Francisco in January 2015. He works at Library of the National Congress of Chile, and is involved in open education projects and advocacy in Chile and internationally.…

Musician Marisa Anderson looks for the new in the old

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Marisa Anderson performs "Chimes" at the Into the Light album release show in Portland, OR. Photo by Jody Darby CC BY NC

I have been a fan of Marisa Anderson’s music since discovering her albums at the legendary Chapel Hill radio station WXYC, where my show usually ran from from 4-8AM. At 4 in the morning in a windowless studio, the title of Anderson’s 2011 release “The Golden Hour” seemed apropos. I would listen to her virtuosic,…

Let’s make some clothes: Joost de Cock on Make my Pattern

Joost de Cock in homemade shirt, jeans, and shoes. CC-by-SA-NC

The delightfully quirky sewing site Make my is the work of self-proclaimed “sewcialist” Joost de Cock, a Belgian designer with a flair for fashion. When he started Make my Pattern, de Cock set out to solve a major issue for amateur sewers: patterns fit best when hand-drafted, but hand-drafting is inaccessible to most hobbyists.…



On May 22nd, more than four years after his detention and six months after his disappearance, Bassel Khartabil (Arabic: باسل خرطبيل‎) will turn 35 years old. Bassel’s imprisonment by the Assad regime is a brutal human rights violation and the continued lack of answers about his fate is a hindrance to the fight for free…