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Wikipedia Says It’s Time for Fair Use in Australia

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This week Wikipedia is urging users in Australia to tell their government representatives to champion fair use. The campaign, organised alongside Electronic Frontiers Australia and the Australian Digital Alliance, advocates for policy makers to update copyright law to include fair use, thus providing a progressive legal framework to support creators and remixers, educational activities, and…

Almanaque Azul: a Panamanian travel guide licensed under CC

Licensed under CC BY-NC by Alamanque Azul

Almanaque Azul is a group of Panamanian environmentalists, artists, and explorers that began the process of creating a travel guide for the beaches of the Republic of Panama in 2005 through a blog that chronicled the amazing cultural and natural diversity of various small towns and deserted beaches. Over the years, dozens of volunteers reported…

Cloudflare leak: Please reset your CCID password


Web services company Cloudflare revealed late yesterday that it had experienced a large-scale memory leak. About two million websites use Cloudflare for services like content delivery and Internet security. Creative Commons uses Cloudflare, and we investigated this issue as soon as it was reported. We have not found any cause for concern—as far as we…