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20CC: Open Works from CC’s 20th Anniversary

During 2021–2022, CC has been celebrating the 20th anniversary of our founding in 2001 and the first release of the CC licenses in 2002, successfully concluding an ambitious fundraising campaign to support programs like Open Culture, Open Climate, and Open Education, and to help ensure CC’s ongoing sustainability. In November 2022, CC brought the 20th anniversary celebration to an official … Read More “20CC: Open Works from CC’s 20th Anniversary”

Sharing Matters: What We’ve Learned at Creative Commons

Sharing matters. Thanks to the digital revolution, we share things like never before, from scientific research to family photos, from day-to-day life to college courses — and all instantaneously. The variety and volume of sharing today was unimaginable even just a decade ago. Now social media and publishing platforms, smartphones, cheap data, and expanded internet … Read More “Sharing Matters: What We’ve Learned at Creative Commons”

CC welcomes Nate Angell

Here at Creative Commons, we know that the stories we tell and the people we engage are deeply connected, together forming the backbone of who we are and what we do. Our community generates our most powerful stories and also amplifies all the work we do, spreading the benefits of open knowledge and better sharing … Read More “CC welcomes Nate Angell”

A message from our CEO to the CC Community on Creative Commons’ 20th Anniversary

Dear CC Community, It’s a very special day — today marks the 20th Anniversary of Creative Commons’ founding! Twenty years ago, Creative Commons started with a simple, radical idea: to save the internet from “failed sharing” and create a world where everyone has access to knowledge and creativity. What began as a simple idea and … Read More “A message from our CEO to the CC Community on Creative Commons’ 20th Anniversary”