European CC Affiliates Celebrate #cc10 with a Mixtape of Inspiring CC-Licensed Music

Guest blog post by Teresa Nobre, Legal Project Lead at Creative Commons Portugal One of the opportunities for Creative Commons to continue its rapid evolution is more collaboration between the various affiliates. In September, representatives of CC’s affiliates in 17 different European countries attended a regional meeting and discussed, among other things, Creative Commons’ 10th … Read More “European CC Affiliates Celebrate #cc10 with a Mixtape of Inspiring CC-Licensed Music”

CC10: Day 7

CC Happy Birthday CC10 / @saidRmdhani On day 7 of our CC10 celebrations we have an exciting announcement: the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) has announced a 3.5 million dollar grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for a new program to help adult English language learners improve their language … Read More “CC10: Day 7”

CC10: Day 6

CC hearts cake / David Kindler / CC BY Today, an exciting announcement. In honor of CC’s tenth birthday, our friends at Free Music Archive are launching a competition to find a new birthday song – one that can be shared and sung without paying a cent. Read about the contest and start working on … Read More “CC10: Day 6”

CC10: Day 5

Festajamos los 10 Años de Creative Commons / CC Paragray Community / CC BY Welcome to day 5 of CC10! Today, CC communities are celebrating in Stockholm and Haifa. And here on the Creative Commons blog, we’re discussing governmental and institutional adoption of CC licenses and public domain tools. CC’s Timothy Vollmer acknowledges several achievements … Read More “CC10: Day 5”

CC at 10: Government Resources + Open Licensing = Win

On this 10th anniversary of CC, there’s much to celebrate: Creative Commons licenses and tools have been embraced by millions of photographers, musicians, videographers, bloggers, and others sharing countless numbers of creative works freely online. One area of growth in use of CC licenses and public domain tools is for government works. Government adoption of … Read More “CC at 10: Government Resources + Open Licensing = Win”