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CC10: A party on every continent!


FIESTA 10 aniversario CC: CC Costa Rica wishes CC happy 10th birthday at Bar El Lobo Estepario, San Jose / Adrian Coto / CC BY As you know, any second now we’ll be officially launching CC’s 10th birthday celebrations. But the party has already started for our global community. Over the course of the 10…

#cc10 Featured Platform: Scribd


In celebration of Creative Commons’ tenth anniversary, we’re writing about various platforms that host CC-licensed content. Today, we’re featuring document-sharing site Scribd. Most people reading this are probably quite familiar with Scribd. It’s an easy, reliable place to publish documents and presentations. A lot of professional publishers use it, including our friends at Pratham Books.…

#cc10 Featured Content: Cory Doctorow on Rudy Rucker


Cory Doctorow / NK Guy / CC BY-SA In celebration of Creative Commons’ tenth anniversary, we asked various friends of CC to write about their favorite CC-licensed content. Today, blogger and science fiction author Cory Doctorow writes about the CC-licensed novels of one of the original cyberpunks. Rudy Rucker’s Wetware books: the finest high-weirdness of…

European Regional Meeting at OKFestival


Creative Commons Europe Regional Meeting in Helsinki / Kristina Alexanderson / CC BY In September, a number of CC’s European affiliates congregated at the Open Knowledge Festival taking place in Helsinki, Finland, for a regional meeting. Held as a side event over one day of the festival, the meeting was attended by representatives of our…

#cc10 Is Coming


Creative Commons is turning 10 this year! We’ll be hosting parties around the world and sharing party favors online for a ten-day celebration, December 7 to 16. To see a listing of the parties we have planned, visit the #cc10 wiki page. There are more in the works, so stay tuned. Do you want to…