A bluish surrealist painting generated by the DALL-E 2 AI platform showing a small grayish human figure holding a gift out to a larger robot that has its arms extended and a head like a cello.

Better Sharing for Generative AI

Over the last year, innovation and use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) has exploded, providing new ways for people to create content of all sorts. For example, it’s been used to help create award winning art, develop educational materials, expedite software development, and craft business materials. Recently, three artists filed a class action lawsuit in … Read More “Better Sharing for Generative AI”

A heavily pixelated blue European Union flag with pixels scattered across it in different colors.

CC’s Engagement on the EU Data Act

Recently, we provided an update on Creative Common’s engagement on the European Union’s draft Artificial Intelligence Act. We’ve also worked with policymakers and other stakeholders on another flagship EU legislative file — the draft Data Act. The European Commission published the Data Act proposal earlier this year, as a continuation of its EU’s overall data … Read More “CC’s Engagement on the EU Data Act”

An abstract European Union flag of diffused gold stars linked by golden neural pathways on a deep blue mottled background.

CC’s Engagement on EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act

Beginning in 2021, the European Union has been considering a new AI Act, which would regulate certain uses of AI. In particular, it seeks to ban certain uses of AI, such as broad-based real-time biometric identification for law enforcement in public places, and it seeks to ensure that certain precautions are taken before deployment of … Read More “CC’s Engagement on EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act”

Creative Commons welcomes EC recommendation on common European data space for cultural heritage

A few days ago, the European Commission (EC) released a recommendation for a common data space for cultural heritage, which aims to “accelerate the digitization of all cultural heritage monuments and sites, objects and artefacts for future generations, to protect and preserve those at risk, and boost their reuse in domains such as education, sustainable … Read More “Creative Commons welcomes EC recommendation on common European data space for cultural heritage”