Sharing and remixing class notes on GoodSemester under Creative Commons

Cable Green

GoodSemester, a new learning platform geared toward academic productivity, has just announced Creative Commons note sharing, copying and remixing. GoodSemester allows learners to find, copy and modify CC-licensed notes throughout its learning service, then integrate these notes directly into their classes. The default license for all new notes created on GoodSemester is CC BY-SA.

While GoodSemester has made CC BY-SA the default, users can still opt out of sharing their notes. To encourage open sharing, GoodSemester has made sure there are noticeable benefits to keeping notes under the CC license. Restricted notes cannot be copied, shared or remixed. Learners who do share their notes have the opportunity to join a vibrant community of active learners and creators, and to contribute to a growing commons of open educational resources.

In addition, GoodSemester is releasing its own materials under the same CC BY-SA license, as noted in the footer of their website:

All text and images by GoodSemester are released under an open license. We love open things. To show our support for the open learning movement, all text and images on GoodSemester created by GoodSemester are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

This is just another great example of a company integrating CC licenses into its platform to increase the functionality of its tools and the value to its community.

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  1. Hey, Paul! I’m Jason, the guy behind GoodSemester. GoodSemester itself is not open source, and there is no unhosted option so that we can keep a consistent user experience across the board. However,many portions of GoodSemester are developed with open source technology, and we’re actively contributing our changes and updates back to the open source community!

    For instance, our note taker is derived from Etherpad-Lite (you can find the repository on GitHub), itself a derivative of Google Wave’s collaborative editor. We love Etherpad and are really committed to helping the Etherpad team fulfill their dream of having a robust, collaborative editor freely available to everyone. All of the changes and tools we add to Etherpad as a part of GoodSemester’s development go straight back to the source of Etherpad-Lite.

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