Job Opportunity: Learning and Training Manager

We are no longer accepting applications for this position. CC is a global nonprofit organization that addresses the world’s most pressing challenges through advancing open access to culture and knowledge. With a global community and multiple partners, Creative Commons builds capacity and infrastructure, develops practical solutions, and advocates for better sharing of knowledge and culture: … Read More “Job Opportunity: Learning and Training Manager”

A bluish surrealist painting generated by the DALL-E 2 AI platform showing a small grayish human figure holding a gift out to a larger robot that has its arms extended and a head like a cello.

Better Sharing for Generative AI

Over the last year, innovation and use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) has exploded, providing new ways for people to create content of all sorts. For example, it’s been used to help create award winning art, develop educational materials, expedite software development, and craft business materials. Recently, three artists filed a class action lawsuit in … Read More “Better Sharing for Generative AI”

Introducing the “Better Sharing” Illustrations — A Creative Commons & Fine Acts Collaboration

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Creative Commons and our licenses, we partnered with Fine Acts to commission the “Better Sharing” collection. We are excited to share the collection with the world, which was unveiled last week at CC’s 20th Anniversary Celebration. The artworks are available on to be enjoyed, used and adapted, and … Read More “Introducing the “Better Sharing” Illustrations — A Creative Commons & Fine Acts Collaboration”

Power to the people

On Thursday 28 October 2021, Creative Commons CEO Catherine Stihler delivered a keynote at the University of St Andrews’ Power to the people: St Andrews’ journey to net-zero and the future of energy event ahead of the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference, officially known as the 26th Conference of Parties, or COP26. In her … Read More “Power to the people”


We’re entering a new era for the Commons

At this year’s Global Summit we’ll announce the recipient of the Bassel Khartabil Free Culture Fellowship. It’s a partnership between Creative Commons, Wikipedia, Mozilla and the Fabricatorz Foundation, which I’m a co-founder of. Noura, Bassel’s wife, and Jamil Khartabil, his father, will also be at the Summit to present the award.