Cable Green

Cable Green

Cable Green
Director of Open Education
Cable leads CC's Open Education program, strategy, and staff.
Cable Green

Dr. Cable Green works with the global open education community to leverage open licensing, content, practices and policies to significantly improve access to effective, open education and research resources so everyone in the world can attain all the education they desire. His career is dedicated to increasing access to educational opportunities for everyone around the world. He’s a leading advocate for open licensing and procurement policies that ensure publicly funded education materials are freely and openly available to the public that paid for them.

Cable has 25+ years of academic technology, online learning, and open education experience and helped establish the Open Course Library, Open Up Resources, OER Policy Registry, CC Certificate, CC Open Education Platform and multiple other projects. Cable holds a PhD in education psychology from Ohio State University, and enjoys motorcycling and playing in the mountains with his family. He lives in Washington State with his wife and two boys.

Photo credit: Joshua Berson Photography, CC BY

Cable's News

SDG Academy & Creative Commons

+ By Cable Green: Director of Open Education, Creative Commons, and Chandrika Bahadur: Director, SDG Academy  Open access to knowledge has never been more important than it is today. The promise of connectivity and the democratization of knowledge has made it possible for anyone, anywhere, to learn. In an increasingly connected and complex world, society … Read More “SDG Academy & Creative Commons”

Open Education Lightning Talks: Recordings and Slides

“lightning” by duane.schoon is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 In December, the CC Open Education Platform hosted a series of open education “lightning talks” (7 minutes + Q&A) in which open education practitioners discussed their work and answered questions with a global audience. We are grateful to all 24 speakers for sharing their open education … Read More “Open Education Lightning Talks: Recordings and Slides”

Openness and Collaboration collage

CC Open Education Platform Activities Fund: Six Winners!

Creative Commons is proud to announce six winning project proposals from the inaugural round of the CC Open Education Platform Activities Fund! The CC Open Education Platform is a vibrant, international network of over 1120 open education advocates, educators, librarians, lawmakers, graduate students, and more, spanning 79 countries. This year, CC launched an activities fund … Read More “CC Open Education Platform Activities Fund: Six Winners!”

Aurora Tom-Quinn teaches her students

Education in Times of Crisis and Beyond: Maximizing Copyright Flexibilities

The global health crisis is crystalizing the need for policies that support universal access to learning resources. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on over a billion learners’ lives—half of the world’s student population have seen their schools or universities close to slow the spread of the virus. As a result, many educational institutions are … Read More “Education in Times of Crisis and Beyond: Maximizing Copyright Flexibilities”

Cover of "Open Licensing of Primary Grade Reading Materials: Considerations and Recommendations" document

Creative Commons and USAID Collaborate on Guide to Open Licensing

Creative Commons regularly works with governments, foundations, and other institutions worldwide to help them create, adopt, and implement open licensing policies. These policies typically require grant recipients to openly license and freely share the work they create with grant funds. We do this to ensure publicly (and privately) funded works are openly licensed and freely … Read More “Creative Commons and USAID Collaborate on Guide to Open Licensing”

The New UNESCO House in Paris

NGO Network to Support Implementation of the UNESCO OER Recommendation

The UNESCO Open Educational Resources (OER) Recommendation was unanimously adopted on November 25 by 193 UNESCO member states at the 40th UNESCO General Conference. This milestone offers a unique opportunity to advance open education around the world. Why does it matter? This Recommendation is an official UNESCO instrument that gives national governments a specific list … Read More “NGO Network to Support Implementation of the UNESCO OER Recommendation”