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CC Europe meetup in Lisbon

What happens when you put 30 passionate commoners accustomed to meeting only online in a lovely conference venue in an historic city? Lots of talking, group updates, big plans being made, old and new issues being tackled, great projects presented, and new designs of collaboration schemes.

CC is Awesome!

‘Awesome’ by Sam Howzit, CC BY 2.0 on Flickr One of the greatest strengths of the Creative Commons organization is the dedicated volunteers worldwide who help build openly licensed projects and educate the public about CC in their local communities and internationally. A few months ago, we provided mini grants to these communities through The … Read More “CC is Awesome!”

Ukrainian translation of : CC 4.0

Congratulations to Creative Commons Ukraine on the completion of the Ukrainian translation of the CC 4.0 license suite! After a draft stage and a public consultation phase, involving legal practitioners and IP experts, the licenses are published today, on June 23.