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Join CC at RightsCon: AI for a Better Internet and Open Journalism

Better Internet
White and green text saying “RightsCon Costa Rica” and a big Creative Commons logo embedded in an orange circle, both on a green rectangle with orange bottom left and top right corners. “CC at RightsCon 2023” by Creative Commons is dedicated to the public domain via CC0 1.0.

Are you attending RightsCon 2023, either in person in Costa Rica or virtually online? Join the Creative Commons team and community members for two sessions, one in-person for RightsCon participants in San José  and the other virtual so anyone can attend with a free online pass. These sessions on artificial intelligence (AI) and open journalism…

2023 Cumbre Global CC: Registro, convocatoria de propuestas y solicitudes de becas ahora abiertas.

Una foto teñida de azul de una bandera mexicana gigante ondeando sobre la Plaza Zócalo de la Ciudad de México con la Catedral al fondo, superpuesta con líneas de conexión neuronal en la esquina inferior izquierda y decorada con el logotipo de CC Global Summit y el texto que dice "Creative Commons Summit 2023" by ProtoplasmaKid is licensed via CC BY 4.0.

[read this post in English >] Luego de nuestro anuncio inicial para la Cumbre Global Creative Commons 2023, ahora nos complace abrir la siguiente fase de preparación para este evento tan esperado, que tendrá lugar del 3 al 6 de octubre de 2023 en el corazón de la Ciudad de México. Hoy comienza el registro,…

2023 CC Global Summit: Registration, Call for Proposals, and Scholarships Now Open

A photo tinted blue of a giant Mexican flag flying over Mexico City’s Zocalo Square with the Cathedral in the background, overlaid with neural connection lines in the bottom left corner, and decorated with CC Global Summit logo and text that says “AI & THE COMMONS, MEXICO CITY | 3–6 OCT 2023” and “SUMMIT.CREATIVECOMMONS.ORG” "Creative Commons Summit 2023" by ProtoplasmaKid is licensed via CC BY 4.0.

[lee esta entrada en español >] Following our initial announcement for the 2023 Creative Commons Global Summit, we are now excited to open the next phase of preparation for this much-anticipated event, set to take place during 3–6 October 2023 in the heart of Mexico City. Today, we are opening up registration, initiating the call…

Everything might be OK! Warhol v. Goldsmith

An orange and black Andy Warhol silk-screen painting of Prince, circa 1984. Orange Prince” by Andy Warhol.

The United States Supreme Court released its opinion today in Andy Warhol Foundation v. Goldsmith. While it’s hard to predict the full ramifications of this decision at this point, our initial opinion is that this decision is not ideal, but also not the death knell for transformative fair use that many feared it could have…

CC Celebrates International Museum Day 2023 — Museums, Sustainability and Well-being

Open Culture
Animated leaves, grass, a rabbit and windmills in the background. International Museum Day 2023 Poster, International Council of Museums

It’s International Museum Day today, and at Creative Commons (CC), we are thrilled to celebrate museums under this year’s theme of Museums, Sustainability and Well-being.  Museums play an important role in sustainable development — they are in fact instrumental in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — and in supporting the well-being of…

Knowledge & Cultural Institutions Defend Net Neutrality in EU

A photo of The EU Flag overlayed on top of statues of Castor and Pollux

"The EU Flag and Castor and Pollux" by waldopics is licensed under CC BY 2.0 .

Earlier this year, the European Commission started a new consultation on “The future of the electronic communications sector and its infrastructure.” On the one hand, it’s good that policymakers are examining how to expand broadband access and ensure the capacity of networks continues to expand and support helpful innovation. On the other hand, the consultation…

CC Supports Trans Rights

About CC
The transgender pride flag: horizontal stripes of light blue on top, pink, white in the center, pink and light blue again on the bottom.

At Creative Commons, we vehemently condemn the extensive violations of trans rights that are occurring across the world, and the current climate of fear and violence directed at trans individuals. We stand firmly against any and all forms of transphobia, including but not limited to bigotry, violence or persecution based on gender identity, and we…

Elevating Emerging Audiences: Share Your Experience

Better Internet

Calling all AI developers, NFT creators, and entrepreneurs As our world faces increasingly complex and interconnected challenges, it becomes clear that innovation and collaboration are essential to finding viable solutions. Creative Commons is proud of the thousands who make our global community. And this year, we’re expanding. We’re endeavoring to connect with groups who we’ve…

State of the Commons 2022

About CC
Detail of the cover of the Creative Commons State of the Commons 2022 in black text on a yellow background over details from three illustrations with text: THE MORE WE SHARE, OPEN IS BEAUTIFUL, and OPEN PALMS, NOT CLUTCHING FISTS. CC State of the Commons 2022 Cover Detail” © 2023 by Creative Commons is licensed via CC BY 4.0.

We are pleased to present the 2022 Creative Commons State of the Commons annual report. This report highlights key innovations, achievements, collaborations, conversations, and partnerships from CC and our global community over the past year. In 2022 we were incredibly proud to mark twenty years of CC licensing and all the groundbreaking collaboration it has…