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CC Joins Key AI Panel in Brussels

Copyright Reform
A heavily pixelated blue European Union flag with pixels scattered across it in different colors. “EU Pixelated” by Creative Commons was cropped from an image generated by the DALL-E 2 AI platform with the text prompt “pixel art of computer code streaming across an EU flag.” CC dedicates any rights it holds to the image to the public domain via CC0.

As a part of CC’s continuing engagement in policy to shape generative artificial intelligence (AI), Brigitte Vézina, our Director of Policy and Open Culture, participated in a June session hosted by the European Internet Forum: Generative AI, Art & copyright: from creative machines to human-powered tools. The panel was held in the framework of EU…

Wikipedia Moves to CC 4.0 Licenses

Licenses & Tools
Black logos for the Wikimedia Foundation and Creative Commons, side by side.

We are thrilled to announce that Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects have now adopted version 4.0 of the Creative Commons BY-SA license! The project first began using version 3.0 of the CC licenses in 2009 following a community process, having previously used the GNU Free Documentation License. This decision, made as part of a Terms…

ccMixter: A Collaborative Music Community

Open Culture
The ccMixter logo: A black record with a green border and a white reversed, nested C inside a larger white C on a green center, all to the left of a lowercase “mixter” in gray with the X green, above “collaborative community” in gray. The new ccMixter logo designed by community memberAirtone.

Back in 2004, was born when Creative Commons and Wired magazine collaborated to support communities engaged in remixing openly-licensed and public domain music. As it has evolved over the years, ccMixter has become an independent project that supports musicians and creators working in remix culture, connecting them with each other and their fans. To…

European Parliament gives green light to AI Act, moving EU towards finalizing the world’s leading regulation of AI

Copyright Reform

Today, the European Parliament (EP) adopted its position in plenary on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act. This is the culmination of a months-long process whereby thousands of pages of amended text have been pored over by policymakers, civil society and industry alike. The strong, cross-party endorsement (499 votes in favor, 28 against and 93 abstentions)…

An Open Wave: New Calls for Open Access

Open Climate
Modern recut copy of The Great Wave off Kanagawa (神奈川沖波裏), from 36 Views of Mount Fuji, Color woodcut. Modern recut copy of The Great Wave off Kanagawa (神奈川沖波裏), from 36 Views of Mount Fuji, Color woodcut. Circa 1930 (original created 1829-1832). Public domain.

The Open Climate Campaign is pleased to see the recent wave of announcements requiring open access to knowledge that support our goal to make the open sharing of research outputs the norm in climate science. The Campaign recognizes that in order to generate solutions and mitigations to climate change, the knowledge (i.e. research papers, data,…

Disruption: Creator Edition — Unveiling the Program & Speakers

A photo of people attending a talk at a conference, bright colors, cartoon style. “Interactive conference” by Anna Tumadóttir for Creative Commons was generated by Dall-E with the text prompt “People attending a talk at a conference, bright colors, cartoon style.” CC dedicates any rights it holds to the image to the public domain via CC0.

Join us in-person on 14 June at ‘Disruption: Creator Edition’ as we explore the profound influence of generative AI on creativity across multiple industries. Register now >> In collaboration with the team at EQTY Lab, and with Nonny de la Peña of the Arizona State University California Center, Creative Commons welcomes our community to join…

A Journalist’s Guide to Creative Commons 2023

Open Journalism

Sharing and reusing content in newsrooms is nothing new. But embracing Creative Commons unlocks infinitely more potential, completely free of charge. Increasingly, news outlets around the world embrace Creative Commons to enhance their coverage, boost their readership, and move towards more sustainable business models.  Whether you work for a smaller newsroom seeking high quality, newsworthy…

Join CC at RightsCon: AI for a Better Internet and Open Journalism

Better Internet
White and green text saying “RightsCon Costa Rica” and a big Creative Commons logo embedded in an orange circle, both on a green rectangle with orange bottom left and top right corners. “CC at RightsCon 2023” by Creative Commons is dedicated to the public domain via CC0 1.0.

Are you attending RightsCon 2023, either in person in Costa Rica or virtually online? Join the Creative Commons team and community members for two sessions, one in-person for RightsCon participants in San José  and the other virtual so anyone can attend with a free online pass. These sessions on artificial intelligence (AI) and open journalism…

2023 Cumbre Global CC: Registro, convocatoria de propuestas y solicitudes de becas ahora abiertas.

Una foto teñida de azul de una bandera mexicana gigante ondeando sobre la Plaza Zócalo de la Ciudad de México con la Catedral al fondo, superpuesta con líneas de conexión neuronal en la esquina inferior izquierda y decorada con el logotipo de CC Global Summit y el texto que dice "Creative Commons Summit 2023" by ProtoplasmaKid is licensed via CC BY 4.0.

[read this post in English >] Luego de nuestro anuncio inicial para la Cumbre Global Creative Commons 2023, ahora nos complace abrir la siguiente fase de preparación para este evento tan esperado, que tendrá lugar del 3 al 6 de octubre de 2023 en el corazón de la Ciudad de México. Hoy comienza el registro,…

2023 CC Global Summit: Registration, Call for Proposals, and Scholarships Now Open

A photo tinted blue of a giant Mexican flag flying over Mexico City’s Zocalo Square with the Cathedral in the background, overlaid with neural connection lines in the bottom left corner, and decorated with CC Global Summit logo and text that says “AI & THE COMMONS, MEXICO CITY | 3–6 OCT 2023” and “SUMMIT.CREATIVECOMMONS.ORG” "Creative Commons Summit 2023" by ProtoplasmaKid is licensed via CC BY 4.0.

[lee esta entrada en español >] Following our initial announcement for the 2023 Creative Commons Global Summit, we are now excited to open the next phase of preparation for this much-anticipated event, set to take place during 3–6 October 2023 in the heart of Mexico City. Today, we are opening up registration, initiating the call…