Stephen Wolfson

Stephen M. Wolfson is the Associate Director of Research and Copyright Services for the University of Georgia School of Law. In this role, Stephen manages the research services department while also providing expertise on copyright to the law school community. Stephen also teaches courses on copyright law for undergraduates and legal research courses for law students. Prior to his time at UGA, Stephen held positions at both the University of North Texas in Denton and the University of Texas at Austin.

Stephen received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and his Juris Doctor from the Ohio State University and his Master of Science in Information Studies from the University of Texas.

Stephen grew up in beautiful Chagrin Falls, Ohio. He now resides in Athens, Georgia, with his wife, Stephanie, their son, Clarke, and dog, Kona. When he’s not telling anyone who will listen about the nuances of copyright law and benefits of open access policy, Stephen rides his bike moderately fast while dodging cars with other spandex-clad cyclists around the Southeast. Sometimes he talks about copyright then, too.

Stephen's News

Style, Copyright, and Generative AI Part 2: Vicarious Liability

In my last blog post, I looked at whether copyright protects artistic style, particularly in the context of generative AI (GAI) art tools like Stable Diffusion and Midjourney. However, in the class action litigation against Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, the plaintiffs are not only concerned that people can use the GAI tools to produce works … Read More “Style, Copyright, and Generative AI Part 2: Vicarious Liability”

Close up of the face of Zarya, from the comic Zarya of the Dawn, looking intent in a dark urban landscape with glowing lights.

Zarya of the Dawn: US Copyright Office Affirms Limits on Copyright of AI Outputs

In a recent post, we explained why, absent significant and direct human creative input, generative AI outputs should not qualify for copyright protection. We noted that exactly what constitutes enough human input is not entirely clear; while a simple text prompt shouldn’t be enough, other areas will present more complex questions. Like the rest of … Read MoreZarya of the Dawn: US Copyright Office Affirms Limits on Copyright of AI Outputs”

An image generated by the DALL-E 2 AI platform showing a slightly distorted yellowish-white bicycle with a basket, rear rack, and orange chain guard leaning against a brick building with a white stucco base near a gray standpipe.

This Is Not a Bicycle: Human Creativity and Generative AI

“Generative AI” has been the subject of much online conversation over the past few months. “Generative AI” refers to artificial intelligence (AI) models that can create different kinds of content by following user input and instructions. These models are trained on massive datasets of content — images, audio, text — that is harvested from the … Read More “This Is Not a Bicycle: Human Creativity and Generative AI”