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ccMixter: A Collaborative Music Community

Open Culture post
The ccMixter logo: A black record with a green border and a white reversed, nested C inside a larger white C on a green center, all to the left of a lowercase “mixter” in gray with the X green, above “collaborative community” in gray. The new ccMixter logo designed by community memberAirtone.

Back in 2004, was born when Creative Commons and Wired magazine collaborated to support communities engaged in remixing openly-licensed and public domain music. As it has evolved over the years, ccMixter has become an independent project that supports musicians and creators working in remix culture, connecting them with each other and their fans. To…

Training: Open Licenses for Artists, Musicians and Creators

Licenses & Tools post
The tip of a ballpoint pen with a smear of bluish ink and a water drop reflecting/containing a pink flower blossom perched on the tip, highly magnified on a glowing pink background. Macrofotografia Drops & Flowers by Mario Jr. Nicorelli, slightly cropped, is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Curious about Creative Commons licenses? Join Creative Commons staff for an overview of the six CC licenses and two public domain tools. We will describe the CC license and tool elements, their legal, machine-readable, and human-readable layers, as well as show practical use cases for each of the licenses and tools. Participants will engage in…

Open Minds Podcast: Damien Riehl & Noah Rubin of All The Music

About CC post
Cartoonish illustration of a human hand holding a torch with a lightbulb radiating yellow light next to the words Open Minds above a #20CC icon and Creative Commons wordmark, all on a faded purplish-blue sky with white clouds.

Hello Creative Commoners! We are back with a brand new episode of CC’s Open Minds … from Creative Commons podcast. In this episode, we sat down with programmer, musician, and copyright attorney, Damien Riehl, and fellow musician and programmer, Noah Rubin—the creators of the All The Music project. Frustrated by accidental copyright infringement lawsuits stifling…

Just make music and share it: Podington Bear’s music for storytelling and podcasts

Open Culture post
Chad Crouch AKA Podington Bear via the Free Music Archive

In 2007, the artist Chad Crouch began releasing three instrumental songs per week under the pseudonym Podington Bear. Crouch revealed his identity in July 2008 upon the release of a box set of his work, ending a speculative mystery covered in NPR, KEXP, Wired, and the Globe and Mail. According to his bio on Free…

Musician Marisa Anderson looks for the new in the old

Open Culture, Uncategorized post
Marisa Anderson performs "Chimes" at the Into the Light album release show in Portland, OR. Photo by Jody Darby CC BY NC

I have been a fan of Marisa Anderson’s music since discovering her albums at the legendary Chapel Hill radio station WXYC, where my show usually ran from from 4-8AM. At 4 in the morning in a windowless studio, the title of Anderson’s 2011 release “The Golden Hour” seemed apropos. I would listen to her virtuosic,…