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Media Rights

MediaRights.org is an innovative non-profit, based in New York, but accessible around the world via their website that helps to showcase important social issue documentaries and puts media makers, educators, librarians, nonprofits, and activists in contact with each other to enable the use of documentaries to generate discussion and encourage action on contemporary social issues. … Read More “Media Rights”


Ourmedia launched three months ago as a home for grassroots media. The site provides a place where anyone can upload video, music, photos, audio clips and other personal media and store it for free on ourmedia’s servers forever. Uploaders have the option of making their works available under a Creative Commons license. Recently, Ourmedia was … Read More “Ourmedia”

Opsound's Sal Randolph

Meet Sal Randolph, the New York-based artist behind Opsound, a new online record label that has adopted the concepts of open source and copyleft and adapted them to music production. Opsound invites musicians to contribute sounds to a “sound pool” licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. Others can then take sounds from the … Read More “Opsound's Sal Randolph”

Fading Ways

Fading Ways is a Canada & UK indie-label that has international reach. In addition to having national distribution throughout Canada, FW is distributed in several European countries and its UK operation have recently launched an online music store. Fading Ways also utilizes an innovative marketing approach with “street teams” of fans (see: 1, 2) based … Read More “Fading Ways”

Lisa DeBenedictis Remix Contest

The Magnatune Lisa DeBenedictis Remix Contest on ccMixter is soon coming to a close. The deadline for entries is July 31st. Send your remixes in soon!

Dying Girrafe?

Dying Girrafe Recordings, an internet-based record label, has a great assortment of Creative Commons licensed music. Check it out!

Best Creative Commons Animation Ever

I’ve been meaning to blog this for a while but if you haven’t already seen this brilliant Creative Commons animation, you must. The project was sponsored by Creative Commons Australia. I LOVE the female character’s voice.

iCommons Summit Rocked!

This past weekend was the first, of what will hopefully be an annual event: the iCommons Summit. Gathering Creative Commons project leads from around the world (around eighty in all) at Harvard Law School, the conference had several objectives including reporting and sharing ideas on past successes and challenges in the license porting process, developing … Read More “iCommons Summit Rocked!”

Educar adopts Creative Commons

Educar, one of the largest Spanish-language online communities, has recently adopted a Creative Commons license. Educar hosts education-related content and communities around it.