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Creative Commons South Africa Launch

Week before last, Creative Commons South Africa officially launched at the Commons-Sense: Towards an African Digital Information Commons conference in Johannesburgh. The launch event and conference, primarily organized by Heather Ford, South Africa Project Lead, and Andrew Rens, South Africa Legal Lead, was nothing short of spectacular. The launch event on the night preceeding the … Read More “Creative Commons South Africa Launch”

Minus Kelvin Discovered on ccMixter

Minus Kelvin, a physics and calculus teacher by day and composer by night, has been making regular contributions to ccMixter since February. Friday we learned that Runoff Records, Inc. has signed MinusKelvin, after discovering his music through a podcast of ccMixter (enabled by the licenses). Together with another ccMixter contributor, Pat Chilla, they will now … Read More “Minus Kelvin Discovered on ccMixter”

Happy Birthday FreeCulture.org!

Today, Creative Commons wishes FreeCulture.org a happy 1st birthday! We are truly grateful that there is an organized, passionate group of students advocating for free culture around the world. It is true that we indeed do have a very special present for you. However, we need to wait for the license. Stay tuned…

Rock out on Mixter!

If you haven’t already been there, check out CC Mixter. Mixter is a site for musicians that operates sort of like Friendster, in that it lets you find other musicians based on their musical interests and talents. What’s new, though, is you can see how music is related to each other based on who’s sampling … Read More “Rock out on Mixter!”

Free Culture On Tour

Free Culture may be visiting a college, youth media group, or festival near you. Brooklyn-based artist Colin Mutchler, in partnership with FreeCulture.org, has launched a five-week tour which kicked off last week at South by Southwest. The Free Culture show mixes music, images, and spoken word to demonstrate the complex and entertaining cross section between … Read More “Free Culture On Tour”