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Musician Marisa Anderson looks for the new in the old

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Marisa Anderson performs "Chimes" at the Into the Light album release show in Portland, OR. Photo by Jody Darby CC BY NC

I have been a fan of Marisa Anderson’s music since discovering her albums at the legendary Chapel Hill radio station WXYC, where my show usually ran from from 4-8AM. At 4 in the morning in a windowless studio, the title of Anderson’s 2011 release “The Golden Hour” seemed apropos. I would listen to her virtuosic,…

“It upholds the dignity of mankind”: the power of OER in West Africa

Open Education
National Open University of Nigeria Logo CC BY-2.0

Open educator and Institute for Open Leadership Fellow Jane-Frances Agbu works as a senior lecturer in health science and coordinates the award-winning Open Educational Resources program at NOUN, the National Open University of Nigeria.  NOUN provides open and distance education to over 180,000 students in the region. Agbu has seen the benefits of open education…

Collaboratively generating more knowledge: Public Lab’s approach to citizen science

Open Science
Balloon Mapping the Camp Photo by Claudia Martinez Mansell CC BY-SA 3.0

Citizen science is the powerful idea that communities should be empowered to participate in the process of scientific inquiry, investigating the world around them and creating societal change in the process. One of the most prominent projects within the citizen and civic science movement is Public Lab, a community of individuals using inexpensive DIY techniques…

Let’s make some clothes: Joost de Cock on Make my Pattern

Joost de Cock in homemade shirt, jeans, and shoes. CC-by-SA-NC

The delightfully quirky sewing site Make my is the work of self-proclaimed “sewcialist” Joost de Cock, a Belgian designer with a flair for fashion. When he started Make my Pattern, de Cock set out to solve a major issue for amateur sewers: patterns fit best when hand-drafted, but hand-drafting is inaccessible to most hobbyists.…