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A Conversation with the Conversation: transforming journalism with a CC license

The Conversation AU Front Page

Independent, open, not-for-profit news sources can help safeguard against the spread of misinformation, particularly on the viral web. The Conversation takes their role as journalists, researchers, and academics seriously. As an international nonprofit producing strong independent journalism, their aim is brings important academic research to the Web through editorial curation and collaboration. Launched in 2011…

Curtain up on HowlRound, the theater knowledge commons

Open Culture

HowlRound was founded five years ago as the “knowledge commons” for the theater community to better include the voices of artists and creators working for inclusivity. The HowlRound organizers we interviewed, Jamie Gahlon, Vijay Mathew, Adewunmi Oke, and Ramona Ostrowski, exemplify the concept of the commons through their commitment to community action, creative output, and creating meaningful,…

Making data and tools available for the world to see: Arturo Sanchez of CERN on why ATLAS uses CC0 data

Open Science
ATLAS experiment detector under construction in October 2004 in its experimental pit; the current status of construction can be seen on the CERN website.[1] Note the people in the background, for comparison. Nikolai Schwerg CC BY-SA 3.0

At ATLAS, data sharing and an open, innovative approach to information collaboration has become a fundamental part of this important scientific community.