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Generative AI and Creativity: New Considerations Emerge at CC Convenings

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People seated at tables in a conference room watching a panel of four speak on stage below a slide with an image of a robot painting at an empty easel, saying: Creative Commons, Engleberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy, this event sponsored by Akin, gratitude for additional support to Morrison Foerster. Generative AI & the Creative Cycle Panel” by Jennryn Wetzler for CC BY 4.0.

This week, Creative Commons (CC) convened 100+ participants during two events in New York City to discuss the important issues surrounding generative artificial intelligence (AI), copyright, and creativity. For many years, we at CC have been examining the interplay between copyright and generative AI, exploring ways in which this technology can foster creativity and better…

NYC Symposium: Generative AI & the Creativity Cycle

Generated by AI: A white robot with a look of concentration on their face, wearing a red cap and robe, painting an empty gold picture frame with a brush that has an abstract flower growing up from its handle. Detail from “AI Outputs” by CC0.

Are you thinking about how generative artificial intelligence (AI) intersects with creativity? Or how it draws from existing works and collections? Or enables new understandings of culture? Join Creative Commons in NYC on 13 September 2023 for a full-day symposium focused on the intersection of generative artificial intelligence, cultural heritage, and contemporary creativity. This event…

Thank You for Participating in Open Sharing Is Caring!

Open Culture
"St. Valentine's Day - The Old Story in All Lands (1868)" by Harper & Bros. Cooper Hewitt (CC0)

February is usually the time to share virtual hugs, chocolates, and witty cards with family and friends for Valentine’s Day ❤️. (Or “Friend’s Day” in Finland!) This past Valentine’s Day, we wanted you to share something a little different: your creative work.  In our Open Sharing is Caring challenge, we asked you to openly share…

Open Sharing Is Caring: A Valentine’s Day Challenge

Open Culture
"St. Valentine's Day - The Old Story in All Lands (1868)" by Harper & Bros. Cooper Hewitt (CC0)

February is the time to share virtual hugs, chocolates, and witty cards with family and friends for Valentine’s Day ♥️ (or “Friend’s Day” in Finland!)  This Valentine’s Day, we want you to share something a little different: your creative work.  In our Open Sharing is Caring challenge, we’re asking you to openly share an image, song, artwork, research paper, poem, GIF…whatever it…

Your Chance to Perform for the CC Global Summit!

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CC Global Summit logo with two icons

The wrap-up party for the annual CC Global Summit is always incredible, featuring local artists and musicians who send us off in style. Of course, things are a little different this year as we’ve transformed our in-person event to an entirely virtual one—but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to party together like…

Sharing Indigenous Cultural Heritage Online: An Overview of GLAM Policies

Ndebele Tribe in South Africa 15318215771_72c527508c_k Photo of the Ndebele Tribe in South Africa by UN (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)-

This post was co-authored by CC’s Open Policy Manager Brigitte Vézina and Legal and Policy Intern Alexis Muscat. Tomorrow is International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, a day that seeks to raise awareness of and support Indigenous peoples’ rights and aspirations around the world. We at Creative Commons (CC) wish to highlight this important…

OpenSA – Championing South African heritage


If I hadn’t interned for Clarity Films one summer, I would never have learned most of what I know now about the apartheid, Nelson Mandela, and Desmond Tutu. I spent hours transcribing interviews and condensing documentary footage into some type of digital package that I don’t recall the name of (nor do I remember the…

VIA Releases OpenBook, Opens CAD Designs under CC BY-SA 3.0


Today VIA launched their OpenBook, an innovative subnotebook platform. You can buy it now and also download the raw CAD files released under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareaAlike 3.0 license, meaning you can get the raw machine files to make whatever case or version you want, as long as you release your modifications under the…