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Tag: Public Domain Day

Celebrate Public Domain Day with Events Around the World


The following is a guest post by Creative Commons community member Sebastiaan ter Burg. In January 2020 there will be events all over the world to celebrate the fact that new works have entered the public domain. The country where a work is published determines when copyright expires. For example, where I’m from in the…

Save the Date: Public Domain Day 2020 Is Happening in January in Washington, D.C.

Copyright Reform, Events, Open Access, Open Culture

Creative Commons is thrilled to announce that the second Public Domain Day celebration is happening on January 30, 2020 in Washington, D.C. We’re working with our friends at the Internet Archive, the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property at American University Washington College of Law, Creative Commons USA, the Institute for Intellectual Property &…

Happy Public Domain Day


Each year on January 1st, copyright protection expires for millions of creative works, allowing those works to be used by anyone without restriction or need for permission. On this Public Domain Day, we celebrate the rich creative works that have risen into the public domain, and mourn the massive number of works that could have…

Public Domain Day 2010 and Beyond


Creative Commons has been celebrating Public Domain Day – January 1st – for several years, alongside many others who are similarly passionate about the value of the public domain and the need to prevent its demise. Each year on this day, copyright protection expires for millions of creative works, allowing those works to be used, repurposed…

Public Domain Works Celebrated in Poland


It’s after Three Kings Day, and after battling inboxes, CCi is back online and blogging. From our colleagues in CC Poland, some more exciting Public Domain Day news to ring in the New Year: Poland’s Coalition for Open Education (KOED – Koalicja Otwartej Edukacji) has celebrated the Public Domain Day 2009 with a range of…

Public Domain Day 2009


Recent link offerings in celebration of Public Domain Day, which is January 1… Creative Commons Switzerland informs us of a Public Domain Day jam session/brunch in Zurich: Short English Summary: We will celebrate the public domain day on January 1 in Zurich. We will read, perform, transform works from authors whose work are in the…