The Metrics Project Now Live!

Tim Hwang, Business Development Intern here. Along with Jon Phillips and many others, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes and excited to announce today that we’ve officially launched the Creative Commons Metrics Project! Recently, there’s been a growing academic interest in understanding how CC adoption is changing the creative landscape worldwide. Metrics is … Read More “The Metrics Project Now Live!”

Midyear license adoption estimates

In April we belatedly blogged license adoption estimates for December 2005, which had been published elsewhere in December. That estimate, based on Google queries restricted to CC-licensed content, came to 45 million web pages under a Creative Commons license. What a difference six months make. Our current aggregate estimate, also based on Google queries for … Read More “Midyear license adoption estimates”

53 million pages licensed

Yesterday Yahoo! announced that their search index had grown to 20 billion documents. That, along with continued adoption of Creative Commons licenses, explains 53 million linkbacks to our licenses according to Yahoo! linkback queries. In May, when Yahoo!’s index apparently consisted of 8 billion documents, we found 16 million pages with license links. So discounting … Read More “53 million pages licensed”