Submit open content to the Sunlight Foundation's "Design for America" contest

The Design for America contest is the Sunlight Foundation‘s latest effort to modernize the United State’s information architecture and presentation. Their goal is “to make government data more accessible and comprehensible to the American public” by encouraging designers, artists, and programmers to reimagine government websites and to visualize government data and processes. Provided you meet … Read More “Submit open content to the Sunlight Foundation's "Design for America" contest”

Lessig and others offer "Open Government" principles

A short follow-up to our post from yesterday about how is now available under a Creative Commons license: Lawrence Lessig announces a set of “open government” principles intended to guide the Obama-Biden transition team’s use of the Internet. Visit for the letter and video that outline these principles, and read Ben Smith’s post … Read More “Lessig and others offer "Open Government" principles”