Fresh Hot Radio

Net music innovator and philosopher Lucas Gonze (mentioned on this blog many times, e.g., about net native music) writes in about his new thing: Hey CC guys, this is a note to announce that my new app is live. The app: The FAQ: What’s special about this is that it’s a mainstream-friendly experience … Read More “Fresh Hot Radio”

Learning Music Monthly, CC-Licensed Music Series, Launches

Learning Music Monthly is a new subscription-based, album-a-month, musical series from L.A.-based musician John Wood. Launched yesterday in partnership with CC-friendly record label vosotros, Learning Music Monthly grows out of a previous and similar project that began as an album-a-month project for John Wood and his musical cohorts, resulting in releases that ranged from a … Read More “Learning Music Monthly, CC-Licensed Music Series, Launches”


Clivir, a learning community site that allows users to post lessons of any and all types, just added support for CC licensing. The site already has amassed a large amount of teachable knowledge and by adding CC licensing options Clivir are giving users the ability to keep this knowledge open, shareable, and reusable (depending on … Read More “Clivir”

Runes of Gallidon, CC-Licensed Online Fantasy World, Launches Public Beta

The Hunt, Andy Underwood/Runes of Gallidon | CC BY-NC-SA Runes of Gallidon is a “user-generated online fantasy world of swords, magic, adventure and mystery” that just launched in public beta. Distinguishing Runes of Gallidon from other virtual worlds is the decision to license all the content in the ROG universe under a CC BY-NC-SA license. … Read More “Runes of Gallidon, CC-Licensed Online Fantasy World, Launches Public Beta”