New copyright-like rights considered harmful

Today a new German site launched, IGEL (“Initiative gegen ein Leistungsschutzrecht”; in English, “initiative against a related right”). The site, spearheaded by German lawyer Till Kreutzer, provides information on a possible proposal for a new “related right” for press publishers. Original content on the site is released under the Creative Commons Attribution license. Additionally, Creative … Read More “New copyright-like rights considered harmful”

P2PU launches 3rd round of courses, with "Copyright for Educators"

The Peer 2 Peer University, more commonly known now as P2PU by a growing community of self-learners, educators, journalists, and web developers, launches its third round of courses today, opening sign-ups for “courses dealing in subject areas ranging from Collaborative Lesson Planning to Manifestations of Human Trafficking.” P2PU is simultaneously launching its School of Webcraft, … Read More “P2PU launches 3rd round of courses, with "Copyright for Educators"”

Commoner Letter #4: Molly Kleinman of the University of Michigan

Molly Kleinman is a long-time friend of CC and has been doing incredible work for all things copyright over at the University of Michigan as Special Assistant to the Dean of Libraries. From Espresso Book Machines to a CC-friendly Scholarly Publishing Office, we continue to be inspired by the University of Michigan’s innovative approach to … Read More “Commoner Letter #4: Molly Kleinman of the University of Michigan”