Building an Innovation-Based Economy with Creative Commons

In a paper released in conjunction with a panel discussion, the Brookings Institution identifies promising policy ideas to encourage entrepreneurship and innovative growth in the technology industry. “We need to improve knowledge transmission through faster adoption of digital textbooks, more widespread use of creative commons licenses for instructional materials developed with taxpayer dollars, and policy … Read More “Building an Innovation-Based Economy with Creative Commons”

CC Europe urges European Commission to support Open Education

In August we wrote about the European Commission’s request for information on the topic Opening Up Education. The point of the consultation is to gauge the need for EU action to promote the adoption and use of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in education. Several Creative Commons affiliates in Europe have … Read More “CC Europe urges European Commission to support Open Education”

The OER Policy Registry Needs Your Help

Teaching Open Source Practices / / CC BY-SA It is an exciting time for the global open educational resources (OER) movement. In the past few months, several governments and institutions have shown their support for OER: California Passes Groundbreaking Open Textbook Legislation National ‘Digital School’ Program in Poland British Columbia Government Lends Support to … Read More “The OER Policy Registry Needs Your Help”

Keeping MOOCs Open

MOOCs — or Massive Open Online Courses — have been getting a lot of attention lately. Just in the last year or so, there’s been immense interest in the potential for large scale online learning, with significant investments being made in companies (Coursera, Udacity, Udemy), similar non-profit initiatives (edX) and learning management systems (Canvas, Blackboard). The renewed … Read More “Keeping MOOCs Open”